7 Reasons We should Eat with the Seasons

  1. Better taste – Out of season produce is picked before it is ripe so it can be shipped thousands of miles and/or days before sitting in the produce section for days. (That produce has most likely been sprayed with ethylene so that it looks pretty longer)
  2. More health benefits- Out of season produce is picked early for longer shipment. Studies have shown that the less fresh fruits and vegetables are, the less nutrients they have.
  3. Less cost- Supply and demand…
  4. Environmentally friendly-Buying in season from a local farm produces a smaller carbon footprint
  5. Community Support- Eating seasonally typically means buying locally which supports local businesses and help you get to know local business owners.
  6. Cook with more variety- Most of us have a few recipes we cook regularly. Seasonal eating helps find new recipes to mix in with our standbys.
  7. Harmony with Mother-Nature- Aligning our diets with natural cycles abates allergies in the Spring, helps to hydrate us in the Summer, and boosts our immune system in the Fall and Winter.

References: Fix.com, ‘Eating Season by Season’

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