Bee Propolis


Recently I wrote about local, raw honey and allergies.  For allergy suffers like me, this is the answer you have been looking for.  

We all know that honey bees make honey, but what you may not know is that they also make bee propolis.  Some refer to bee propolis as Bee Glue because bees use it to stick things together.  Things like the walls of their hives.  What is a building material for bees is really good for us!

What we refer to as allergies is an immune response to what our body sees as an irritant.  Irritants being grass pollen, tree pollen, pollen from weeds, pet dander… The body’s natural defense to these irritants is the release of histamines. That release is the allergic reaction we experience as watery eyes, runny nose, or clogged sinuses.   Bee propolis significantly decreases the amount of histamine our bodies produce therefore reducing allergic reaction to all irritants or allergens. Why does it shock us when we realize just how smart Mother Nature is?  Bee Propolis does naturally what all of those over the counter sinus medications seek to do, reduce histamine.

I found Bee Propolis while visiting my local honey producer at my local farmer’s market.  I was suffering from a sinus infection AFTER a full round of antibiotics.  So, I wrecked the good bacteria in my stomach, and my sinus infection was not better.  My doctor’s solution was stronger antibiotics.  Thankfully I took a chance and tried the Bee Propolis for 2 days as suggested, and my sinuses were clear.  I never filled the prescription for the second round of antibiotics and have prepared for allergy season with Bee Propolis since.  I typically start 60 days before allergy season taking 2 doses of Bee Propolis daily so my body can build an immune response.

At this time, every person I have shared Bee Propolis with have continued to take it for their allergies.  

We have documented proof of Bee Propolis being used as an antiseptic for wounds in Ancient Egypt so this is not a new discovery.  We also know that it contains a substance called Galangin which boosts immunity by increasing our body’s defense against germs.  Not to mention being rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients like local, raw honey.

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