Juice Plus+ doesn’t start in the lab. It starts on the farm.


Fresh from the Farm

Juice Plus+ doesn’t start in the lab.  It starts on the farm.

1. Farm Fresh Nutrition

We source the highest quality fruits and vegetables we can find, because they deliver the best possible nutrition.

2. Family Farm Grown

Whenever we can, we work with mid sized family farms run by some of the best fruit and vegetable farmers.  We inspect the farms ourselves to make sure they meet our exacting standards.

3. Carefully Preserved

Once the produce is perfectly ripe, we harvest it, clean it, and then the juice the whole fruit or vegetable- peels, leaves, and seeds- to capture the greatest amount of nutrients.  Then we carefully dry the juice, no shortcuts allowed.

4. NSF Certified

We blend, encapsulate, and package Juice Plus+ at state-of-the-art facilities.  Every Juice Plus+ bottle or pouch bears the NSF seal- your proof that it has undergone independent testing to ensure it meets and exceeds strict quality standards.

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