We all know that having a balanced diet is “good for you,” but following a balanced diet in our busy world can be difficult.  It’s easy to end up with a lack of balance in our food intake by eating too many nutrient-poor carbohydrates because they are quick and easy. Adding more fruits and vegetables into our diet gives us the benefit of micronutrients which support immune function, like vitamins A, D, B, and zinc.

Shred some sweet potato and add it to salads or cole slaw, add canned pumpkin to waffle or pancake mix, try the recipe on this site for Portuguese Kale Soup.  Incorporate these foods into your diet this fall to get a head start on your immunity:

  • sweet potato, pumpkin (vitamin A)
  • salmon, trout (vitamin D)
  • beans, eggs, dark leafy greens (B vitamins)
  • wheat germ, wild rice, tempeh, lentils (zinc)
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