Vitamins or Juice Plus+? You choose!

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  • Contain a warning label
  • Contain a supplement label
  • Isolated supplements
  • Not safe for babies, children or nursing mothers
  • Poison control number
  • GMO’s may be present
  • Not Bio-Available (doesn’t enter the bloodstream immediately, so much of it is discarded in your urine…bright yellow color?
  • High heat to compress tablets which denatures and changes the supplement
  • Not NSF certified (there may be ingredients present that they do not have to disclose)
  • May contain wheat and soy

Juice Plus+

  • No warning label
  • Contain a nutrition label
  • Whole Foods (including all phytonutrients)
  • Completely safe for babies, children and nursing mothers
  • Non-GMO
  • Bio-Available (enters the bloodstream immediately and nothing is discarded in your urine)
  • Completely raw and never heated
  • NSF certified (Better than an organic rating)
  • Wheat free- Gluten Free
  • Capsules are soy-free

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